EV Extension Cable

Workersbee EV cable production line pays attention to product customization, quality, and safety. These concepts are applied to every detail of production. From raw materials, cutting, assembly, and testing, every step shows the quality control of the EV cable top manufacturer.

Workersbee EV cable supports a wide range of customization options

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Workersbee offers a comprehensive range of customization options for their EV cables. Customers have the flexibility to personalize various aspects of the EV wire, including the length, color, and material, to suit their specific needs. In addition, Workersbee provides the option to incorporate the customer's logo onto the dual EV plugs of the EV extension cable. This makes Workersbee the preferred supplier for those seeking to establish their own brand of EV cable.

Workersbee improves the quality of EV cables by paying attention to every detail

Workersbee initiates its production process by thoroughly reviewing the product drawings. Each production step adheres strictly to the specifications outlined in the provided technical drawings.
During the EV wire-cutting phase, meticulous attention is paid to ensure precise adjustments of the cutting machine based on the specific materials and diameters of the EV cable. Distinct machines are employed for cutting both AC EV wire and DC EV wire, guaranteeing optimal results.
The utmost care is taken to ensure a flat-cutting surface, signifying Workersbee's commitment to delivering products with exceptional quality and craftsmanship.


Workersbee's production capacity ensures the production cycle

Customers can have peace of mind regarding delivery and supply when choosing Workersbee EV cable, thanks to their robust production capacity. Workersbee possesses a fully integrated supply chain, bolstered by ample storage capacity for raw materials. The Workersbee team consists of skilled professionals specializing in technical and factory management, ensuring efficient operations. Moreover, Workersbee employs state-of-the-art automated production equipment, further enhancing its formidable production capabilities.

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