Portable EV Charger

Workersbee's upgrade of portable EV charger has gone through an upgrade from ensuring safe charging at the beginning to a stylish appearance and a high degree of intelligence. The three major production centers of Workersbee have also completed the simultaneous upgrade of the production line and testing equipment together with the R&D team.

The Workersbee factory perfectly integrates the production and quality inspection of portable EV chargers

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Workersbee's three major production bases are equipped with separate laboratories. It is used for spot check of samples and research and development of new products. Workersbee also integrates some testing equipment into the production line. Every portable EV charger has to go through more than one hundred tests after it is produced.
By leveraging the capabilities of its specialized laboratories and integrating testing equipment into the production line, Workersbee demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement, quality control, and innovation in the production of portable EV chargers.

Workersbee purification workshop facilitates the production of portable EV charger

At Workersbee, the staff diligently adhere to regulations regarding their attire and the use of dust caps and slippers. These measures are implemented to ensure that the production of the control box for the portable EV charger takes place in a completely dust-free environment. This meticulous approach aligns with the stringent production requirements set for electronic components.
Furthermore, even the boxes used to store the final products are carefully designed to be dust-proof and anti-static. These specialized boxes are constructed using special materials to further safeguard the integrity and quality of the EV chargers.
By strictly abiding by these protocols, Workersbee guarantees that every step of the production process maintains the necessary cleanliness and control required for manufacturing electronic components.


Workersbee is committed to helping customers achieve greater brand benefits

Workersbee fully considers the customization service when designing the production line. The customer's LOGO can be made on the EV plug and Control Box of the Portable EV charger. We can give the most reasonable design according to the customer's brand characteristics.

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