Custom Color Length OEM ODM Type 2 To Type 2 EV Charging Extension Cable

Custom Color Length OEM ODM Type 2 To Type 2 EV Charging Extension Cable

Shorts: The integration of these two connectors into a single cable provides EV owners with convenience and flexibility when it comes to recharging their vehicles. By supporting AC charging modes, the type 2 dual connectors EV cable facilitates efficient energy transfer while ensuring compatibility across a broad range of infrastructure, thus promoting the widespread adoption of electric mobility systems.


Rated Current: 16A, 32A

Cable Color: Black, orange, green, etc.

Certifications: CE, TUV, CB



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Type 2 dual connector EV cables represent a cutting-edge solution to key challenges faced by EV users. It is a product worth investing in for electric vehicle charging equipment agents and other related industries. This versatility enables compatibility with various charging station types, enhancing convenience for EV owners.

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  • Rated Current 16A/32A
    Operating Voltage 250V / 480V
    Operating Temperature -30℃-+50℃
    Anti-collision Yes
    UV Resistant Yes
    Casing Protection Rating IP55
    Certification TUV / CE / UKCA / CB
    Terminal Material Copper alloy
    Casing Material Thermoplastic Material
    Cable Material TPE/TPU
    Cable Length 5m or customized
    Cable Colour Black, Orange, Green
    Warranty 24 months/10000 Mating Cycles

    Workersbee has a wealth of experience supporting EV extension cable customized services. We have automated EV connector production lines that can support the customization of the LOGO. You can choose the color, structure, and material according to your brand requirements. Material TPU or TPE is commonly used. You can cut the length to suit your needs.

    Workersbee employs experts with more than 10 years of experience in EVSE production and design. They can make suggestions according to your company’s market and brand characteristics, and discuss design drawings with you.

    Workersbee’s technology focuses on product quality, market changes, production output, and strict quality inspection, so it has a good reputation in the EVSE field. The products sold and updated are not only functional and highly intelligent but also meet the market demand aesthetically.