China EVSE Factory Electric Car Type 2 To Type 2 EV Charger Extension Cable

China EVSE Factory Electric Car Type 2 To Type 2 EV Charger Extension Cable

Model No: WB-IP3-AC1.0-32AS,WB-IP3-AC1.0-32AT,WB-IP3-AC1.0-16AS,WB-IP3-AC1.0-16AT


Silver-plated pins on the surface of copper alloy with a thermoplastic top. The charger is easy to insert and withdraw, featuring an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip. Supports vehicle electronic lock functions. The European standard version of this product has single-phase and three-phase options.


Connector: IEC 62196-2 Plug
Cable Length: 5 M 10M 20M/ Customized
Application: Electric Vehicle Charging



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The extension cable from a Type 2 to Type 2 is incredibly important for electric vehicle owners. This EV cable allows charging to be more convenient by extending the reach of the charger cable. The extension cable allows owners of electric cars to easily connect their Type 2 EV chargers to the Type 2 charging station without having to worry about how far the EV is from the charging point.


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  • Rated Current 16A/32A
    Operating Voltage 250V / 480V
    Operating Temperature -30℃-+50℃
    Anti-collision Yes
    UV Resistant Yes
    Casing Protection Rating IP55
    Certification TUV / CE / UKCA / CB
    Terminal Material Copper alloy
    Casing Material Thermoplastic Material
    Cable Material TPE/TPU
    Cable Length 5m or customized
    Cable Colour Black, Orange, Green
    Warranty 24 months/10000 Mating Cycles

    Workersbee is a China leading factory that specializes in providing support for EV cable OEM/ODM. With a fully automatic production line, the factory ensures efficient and accurate manufacturing processes. Each step is carefully monitored to guarantee a perfect quality inspection process.

    Design plays a crucial role in the success of any product. Workersbee China has a team of experienced designers who can create innovative and functional EV cable designs. They stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies to ensure their products are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

    Quality testing is an integral part of Workersbee China’s operations. They have a rigorous testing process in place to verify the performance and safety of their EV cables. By conducting thorough inspections, Workersbee China guarantees that its products meet or exceed all relevant quality standards.

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