China Factory Type 2 To Type 2 Electric Car 16A 32A Mode 3 EV Charging Cable

China Factory Type 2 To Type 2 Electric Car 16A 32A Mode 3 EV Charging Cable



Shorts: This type 2 EV charging cable is designed with full consideration of ergonomics, with the user’s safety and comfort as the design concept. Help customers win the market and expand brand influence through high quality.


Rated Current: 16A,32A
Cable Color: Black, orange, green, etc.
Certifications: CE,TUV,CB



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This type 2 to type 2 ev charging cable is not only ergonomic and comfortable to hold, but also uses thermoplastic material as the shell, which is fireproof and high-temperature resistant. The silicone protective case is easy to take, waterproof, and dustproof, which fully reflects Workersbee's attention to detail. The safety performance and portability of the product make it a very suitable product for investment in the electric vehicle new energy industry.


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  • Rated Current 16A/32A
    Operating Voltage 250V / 480V
    Operating Temperature -30℃-+50℃
    Anti-collision Yes
    UV Resistant Yes
    Casing Protection Rating IP55
    Certification TUV / CE / UKCA / CB
    Terminal Material Copper alloy
    Casing Material Thermoplastic Material
    Cable Material TPE/TPU
    Cable Length 5m or customized
    Cable Colour Black, Orange, Green
    Warranty 24 months/10000 Mating Cycles

    At Workersbee, we take pride in our ability to provide customers with tailor-made services, allowing them to customize their EV cables according to their specific requirements. With our cutting-edge equipment dedicated to EV cable cutting, we can easily adjust the length and even the color of the cable to suit individual needs. This ensures that the EV cable section remains flawlessly flat and extends the overall lifespan of the EV extension cable.

    Customer satisfaction and brand protection are paramount at Workersbee. We prioritize incorporating market demands into our product development and design processes, always striving to deliver exceptional quality and safety. As a result, our customers rarely encounter post-sales issues. However, in the rare instances where they do, Workersbee is more than willing to guide and resolve any concerns they may have.

    By partnering with Workersbee, customers can have peace of mind in the market. We have assembled a dynamic team of over 150 technicians, each equipped with significant manufacturing experience in related industries such as automobiles and new energy. Thus, our products are designed to minimize post-sales problems while taking into account potential market challenges and intricacies.

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