OEM ODM Open End T2 EV Charging Replacement Cables For EV Chargers

OEM ODM Open End T2 EV Charging Replacement Cables For EV Chargers

EV Plug Model: WB-IC-AC2.1


Shorts: Ergonomic design and comfortable grip that perfectly fits the human hand. Optional IP55 protection rating. The matching EV plug cover provides effective protection. High-quality thermoplastic casing with copper alloy pins and up to 10,000 Mating Cycles. Enjoy 24 months warranty and replacement service.


Rated Current : 16A/32A
Rated Voltage: 250V/ 480V AC
Certification: UKCA / CB/ TUV/ CE



Factory Strength

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High Quality
The EV plug and EV wire are manufactured directly by Workersbee's factory, eliminating the involvement of intermediaries. These components have undergone rigorous testing and certification by Workersbee's laboratory, ensuring their durability and reliability. They have been proven to withstand over 10,000 plugging and unplugging cycles.

The EV plug featured in this product utilizes the latest generation Type 2 EV plug from Workersbee's standard. Additionally, it can be customized based on specific customer requirements. Furthermore, customers have the flexibility to personalize the length and color of the EV wire to suit their preferences. Most notably, the terminals at the open end are customized to ensure compatibility with any charging station, allowing for seamless connectivity.

Worthy Investment
The open-ended EV cable boasts exceptional compatibility with both the vehicle and charging pile ends, resulting in minimal investment constraints. It serves as a strategic investment to embrace the new energy era, playing a crucial role in promoting the expansion of charging options for new energy vehicles and fostering infrastructure development.

Cost Efficient
The production of this open-end EV cable takes place on an automated assembly line, effectively lowering production expenses. Its design greatly facilitates customization, allowing for open-end terminals tailored to meet specific customer requirements. These terminals are thoughtfully designed to simplify customer installation and minimize labor costs associated with installation procedures.


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  • Rated Current 16A/32A
    Rated Voltage 250V/ 480V AC
    Insulation Resistance >1000MΩ
    Contact Resistance 0.5 mΩ Max
    Withstand Voltage 2000V
    Flammability Rating UL94V-0
    Mechanical Lifespan >10000 Mating Cycles
    Casing Protection Rating IP55
    Casing Material Thermoplastic
    Terminal Material Copper alloy, silver plated + thermoplastic top
    Certification TUV/ CE
    Warranty 24 months/10000 mating cycles
    Operating Environment Temperature -30℃- +50℃

    All components of this open-end EV cable, including the EV plug, EV wire, and open terminals, are manufactured at the Workersbee factory. The EV plug benefits from the utilization of Workersbee’s advanced automated production line, while the EV cable is produced using a cutting-edge fully automatic cutting machine. This integrated production process not only guarantees the quality of the final product but also enables effective control over production costs.

    Workersbee is committed to delivering extensive customization options for this open-end EV plug. Our services encompass everything from assisting customers with drawing designs to the stages of prototyping, production, and rigorous quality inspection. In addition to fulfilling specific customer requirements, we are devoted to providing technical support, offering improvement suggestions, and even facilitating brand customization. Leveraging our professional expertise, we strive to empower our customers to capture a significant market share.

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